ongoing projects

  • 2024-2027 Modelling-satellite-aircraft approach for cirrus advanced characterization (GLACIATE)
           joint project with Forschungszentrum Jülich and University of Lille
  • 2021-2025   The Tropopause Region in a changing atmosphere (TPChange >>)
    • Project B8 : "Lagrangian analysis of the role of extratropical cyclones for UTLS aerosol and humidity" >>
      PhD students: Cornelis Schwenk and Ziyan Guo
  • 2020-2025   Big Data in Atmospheric Physics (BINARY) >>
    • "Systematic model errors and limited predictability - analysing large ensemble data-sets with machine learning methods"
      PhD student: Yuliya Kazachkova
  • 2019-2024   Waves to Weather (phase 2) (W2W >>)
    • Project B1 : "Microphysical uncertainties in hailstorms using statistical emulation and stochastic cloud physics" >>
      PhD student: Patrick Kuntze; PostDoc (joint with KIT): Lena Frey
    • Project B8 : "Role of uncertainty in ice microphysical processes in warm conveyor belts" >>
      PostDoc (joint with KIT): Annika Oertel
  • ACPC initiative: deep convection working group >>
  • 2020-ongoing  Mainz Institute of Multiscale Modeling (M3ODEL) >>